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West Jeddore United Baptist Church Cemetery Nova Scotia Headstone Transcriptions – Page 3

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harold harpell-ezra harpell-goldie harpell-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

Harold Ezra.

Son Of

Ezra H ε Goldie L.


Born Oct. 4. 1917.

Died Dec. 1. 1917.

He Shall Carry The Lambs

In His Bosom.

MAIDEN NAME: Goldie Lovinia Harpell


howard baker-mabel baker-mabel mitchell-vincent baker-marion baker-marion conrad-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

Howard C.


1880 – 1950


Mabel A.


( Mitchell )

1885 – 1973


Vincent T.


1916 – 1956


Marion R.


( Conrad )

1927 – 1997


iola little-iola baker-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


Iola Æ

1911 – 1978

***This one is very difficult to read. I found information for it on Jared Handspicker’s website here:

His site has her listed as Iola A. Baker.

On the website for the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics  I found a birth record for Iola Alveretta Baker born to Howard Baker and Mabel Mitchell on June 1 1911:

I also found a death record for a stillborn baby Clark Tennyson Blakeney, son of Reuben Blakeney and Iola Alfretta Baker:

Reuben and Iola’s ( they have her name transcribed as Lola with an L) marriage is here:

I haven’t yet found any info that links her to the last name “Little”.




In Loving Memory Of

Howard J. Blakeney

1882 – 1942

We Will Meet Again



james arnold-jemima arnold-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

James Arnold


Aug. 24. 1917

Aged 72 Yrs

His Wife

Jemima A


March 4 1915

Aged 74 Yrs


MAIDEN NAME: Jemima Richardson


jeff vernon blakeney-beth-west jeddore baptist cemetery-nova scotia genealogy-ancestry

In Memory Of


Jeff Vernon O.

March 22 1977

Feb. 5 1999

Beloved Son Of

Vernon and Betty

Brother of Beth

Till We Meet Again


jemima ann richardson-richard-deborah-1877-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

In Memory


Jemima Ann

Daughter Of

Richard & Deborah


Who Died

April 26. 1877

Aged 15 Yr’s.

6 Mo’s.

MAIDEN NAME: Deborah Hopkins


jeremiah harpell-headstone-sarah-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


In Memory Of

Jeremiah Harpell

Died Aug. 6, 1910,

Aged 72 Yrs.

I have Fought A Good Fight,

I Have Finished My Course,

I Have Kept The Faith.

jeremiah harpell-foot marker-sarah-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


john a blakeney-1906-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


In Memory Of

John A. Blakeney


March 26, 1906,

Aged 60 Years.

To Live is Christ, To Die is



john baker-annie may baker-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

Father & Mother

John H.


1851 – 1918

His Wife

Annie May

18 – 1910

At Rest


MAIDEN NAME: Annie Harpell

john baker-annie may-viola baker-grace baker-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


Viola H.

1884 – 1885


Grace E. Baker

1893 – 1951


john peter maskell-nita hazel maskell-nita baker-bernard cameron maskell-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


In Loving Memory Of

1898 John Peter Maskell 1970

His Wife

1909 Nita Hazel 1994

Their Son Bernard Cameron

Age Six Months

Peace Perfect Peace

MAIDEN NAME: Nita Hazel Baker


joseph-eunice-blakney-blakeney-lorea-eliza-john-grace-hattie-1878-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

Lorea M.

Died. Jan. 7, 1878.

Aged 3 Years.

Eliza C.

Died Jan. 8, 1878.

Aged 10 Years.

John M.

Died Jan. 12, 1878.

Aged 5 Years.

Grace O.

Died Jan. 12, 1878.

Aged 8 Years.

Hattie S.

Died Jan. 15, 1878.

Aged 1 Year


Children of Joseph &

Eunice Blakney


Asleep in Jesus.

MAIDEN NAME: Eunice Maskell or Eunise



joseph-eunice-blakney-blakeney-children-grave-footstone-foot marker-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy

joseph-eunice-blakeney-blakney-footstone-children-epidemic-jeddore cemetery-nova scotia genealogy


katherine anne mckay-west jeddore baptist cemetery-nova scotia genealogy-ancestry


Katherine Anne

June 17 1951

Until We Meet Again


kenneth wilkes-joan wilkes-joan zwicker-west jeddore baptist cemetery-nova scotia genealogy-ancestry



Kenneth A

July 3 1936

Joan C.

( Zwicker )

Oct. 20. 1938


Forever With The Lord

Parents Of Michael, Susan and Cindy