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History of the West Jeddore School in Nova Scotia.

Includes names such as Maskell, Blakeney, Harpell, Forsythe, Webber, Mitchell, Bonn, Stoddard, Suttis, Balcom, Faulkner, Williams, Dooks, Gaetz, MacFarlane, Arnold, Shaw, Greenough, Mason, Gould, Johnson, Myers, Boutilier, Baker, Reeves, Smith, Newcombe, Conrad, Kent, Grant, Wilson, Richardson, Aubin, Archibald, Turner, Maxwell, Tupper, Beaton, Gavel, king, Graves, MacNevin, Fraser, Moulton, Gaetz, Rawding, Kennedy, Doyle, Linkletter, Karsten, Truen, Maider, Crockett, Deller, Willoughby, Settle, Weaver, Miers, Cooper, Jenicks, Jennex, Hopkins, Cribby, Skerry, Pennington, Pulsifer, Dickie, Barr, Bourne, Doule, Meadows, Creighton, MacKean, Hartling.


” This booklet has been prepared for distribution at the re-union of former teachers

and pupils of West Jeddore School at the old schoolhouse August 27, 1978.”


This booklet belonged to Margaret Bowser nee Bonn, a former teacher at the school.


West jeddore School Nova Scotia History

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West Jeddore School

The earliest classes of which we have any knowledge are those held by travelling teachers. Classes were held 2 1/2 hr. two nights a week for those over 13 years of age in different homes. These were held during the winter months.

Among early teachers was Mr. Maider, who taught the three R’s, and music with the aid of a tuning fork and a good voice. Perhaps he laid the foundation for good singers of future generations. Mr. Crockett, father of Annie, Mrs. John Will Mitchell was another teacher. Samuel Deller was supposed to ” use the cane too freely”. Among those teachers of Halifax County listed who received a grant in 1880 was Samuel Deller. His government grant was $24.00, but his school is not listed.

After the Meeting House was built south of the present cemetery, classes were held there, possibly by the day. In his diary, the late George Harpell recalls being taken to school by the teacher who boarded with his mother for a ‘ day’s visit’ when he was four years old in 1875. He also remembers that the teacher used snuff. This was in ‘ the old school’. When he began school later, it was in the present building, which dates it in the late 1870’s. He describes the building thus:

The schoolhouse was ceiled in pine sheathing, unpainted, and as few nails as possible must have been used. Some of the boards in the ceiling overhead would fall out when we would jump around in our play during recess and dinner hour, but never happened to hit us. It must have been a contract job!

The seats were all made of pine boards, not fastened to the floor. I have seen a teacher take hold of a student who didn’t obey, and he would keep hold of his seat to be dragged out in the aisle. The seats were always disarranged and out of line. Two, and sometimes three pupils sat in each double seat.

He continues to describe school life, classmates, games, skating on Baker’s Pond, swimming in the ‘ crick’ at noon hour wearing ‘ Nature’s bathing suit’, digging clams, climbing trees and seeing how far they could travel from tree to tree, and the hands sticky with blasam that only grease or parafin would remove. One favorite game was ‘ Buck’ or Tag, where the ‘ Buck’ or tagger was chosen by the following rhyme:

Oner, orry, ickery, onn,

Fallacy, fallacy, Nicholas, John,

Queever, Quaver, Irish Mary,

Stinkbum, Stinkbum, Buck. You’re IT.

George only went to school in winter after he was eleven, and left at sixteen. One teacher he named was Mr. Willoughby. He married a teacher, Lillie Settle, from Cole Harbour, and moved to Worcester, Massachusetts in 1911, where some of his family still live. He was a carpenter there. He died in 1942.

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In January, 1838, a number of people living in Jeddore sent a petition to the House of Assembly in Halifax, asking the government to help them with a school for their children. They said, ” The settlement at Jeddore has 44 heads of families, and 19 of them are totally incapable of either reading or writing, while a young generation of 156 are growing up in a state of the most deplorable ignorance, only 5 of those being able to read a single line.” This petition was signed by:

* John Cooper, * Chambers Blakeney, * George Baker,

* Luke Harpell, Sr., John Jenicks ( Jennex),

Henry Miers ( Myers), * John Maskell,  Peter Wever ( Webber),

William Weaver ( Webber), David Mitchell,

Colin P. Mitchell, Alexander Mitchell, * George Harpell, Sr.,

Philip Mitchell, * Isaac Hopkins, Jr., John Cribby,

* Luke Harpell, Jr., James Skerry, * John Harpell, Sr.,

* Benjamin Baker, * George Folkner ( Faulkner)

The ” Journal of Education”, Oct. 31, 1869, lists Lr. Jeddore, West as one school that received a grant ‘ in aid of public schools’. The amount was $25.11. In the May 31,1870 issue, the ” grant” was $34.60. Maps, globes, and books are listed among the “aids”. By 1872, schools were organized in all four sections, as having been in operation for several years; West, Head, East, and Oyster Pond Jeddore. In 1948 two teachers were hired for double sessions and plans made for a second room, which was opened in 1950.

From the one-room schoolhouse of years ago went many well-known citizens who became teachers, nurses, clergymen, seamen, and business people in all parts of the world. Among the teachers were:

Annie Harpell, Amanda Harpell, Cora Harpell, Theo Harpell,

Audrey Harpell, Beula Williams, Grace Williams, Ella Baker,

Margaret Bonn, Viola Maskell, Muriel Maskell, Iva Kent,

Mildred Richardson, Goldie Blakeney, Pansey Blakeney,

Edith Richardson, Muriel Gould, Ethel Gould, Hazel Gould

Former teachers recalled by Mrs. Ada H. Williams, in the years 1895 – 1905 are:

Bessie Pulsifer, Tillie Barr, Louisa Bourne,

Miss Pennington, Lillie Settle, Gertie Settle,

Gertie Dickie, Viola Maskell

Teachers recalled by older citizens in the years 1905 – 1935 are:

Claire Suttis, Ethel Johnson, Mary Greenough, Florence Balcom, Hattie Johnson, Anna Greenough, Myrtle Graham, Blanche Myra, Iva Kent, Sadie Shaw, Garland Boutiliier, Helen Mitchell, Sabina Stoddard, Theo Harpell, Beula Williams, Guy Mason, Ella Baker, Irene Wilson, Cora Harpell, Ethel Reeves, Margaret Bonn,Hazel Gould, Lucy Smith, Mary Grant,Ethel Gould, Alice Newcombe, Muriel Gould, Gladys Conrad

*W. Jeddore men

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For the year ending July, 1910

Teacher: Miss Sabina Stoddard

Secretary: Peter W. Maskell

Trustees: P. W. Maskell, George L. Baker, William A. Harpell

Inspector of Schools: Graham Creighton, Nov. 10, 1909

Visitors: Rev. R. S. Meadows, Nov. 29

Rev. & Mrs. J. A. MacKean, Musquodoboit Har, Feb. 24

Margaret and Veryl Harpell, March

Sadie E. Hartling, Oyster Pond, April 12

William A. Harpell, June 25

Length of term: August 30 – December 23; January 3 – July 7

Labor Day – Sept. 6

Thanksgiving Day – Oct. 25

Christmas holidays – Dec. 24 – Jan. 2 inclusive

Easter break – Good Friday, March 25

Taught two Saturdays — Oct. 30 & Apr.23

Days lost — Apr. 13 & 21

Holiday – King’s funeral, April 20


REGISTER with age and grade


Audrey Harpell, 6 I&II

Verna Harpell, 7, III

Lena Harpell, 12, IX

Cora Harpell, 12, IX

Ella Baker, 14, IX

Muriel Gould, 12. IX

Fulton Baker, 8, II & III

Eva Baker, 12, VIII

Odessa Harpell, 9, V

Viola Harpell, 11, IV

Myrtle Jennex, 7, I

Hazel Gould, 10, V

Clyde Baker, 10, III & IV

Grace Baker, 16, VI

Violet Baker, 7, I

Percy Baker, 13, III & IV

Violet Faulkner, 13, VI

Una Harpell, 10, V

Aubrey Baker, 12, III

George Baker, 10, I

John Faulkner, 8, II & III

Ambrose Baker, 9, I & II

Wilfred Maskell, 8, II & III

Robie Baker, 8, I

Corey Maskell, 16, II

Colin Blakeny, 10, IV

Miscou Kent, 10, IV

John Maskell, 10, IV

Dora Mitchell, 8, I & II

Lavinia Maskell, 7, I

Sabina Baker, 9, II

Margaret Doyle, 5, I

George Kent, 7, I & II

Samuel Kent, 5, I

Jeremiah Faulkner, 7, I & II

Ruth Blakeney, 9, II

Jean Richardson, 8, I

Blanche Kent, 8, II

Florence Richardson, 11, V

Valla Maskell, 9, IV

Rose Maskell, 11, VI

Ethel Richardson, 13, VI

Beatrice Meadows, 8, IV & V

Greta Meadows, 6, I – IV

Roy Meadows, 9, II & III

Reuben Blakeney, 7, I

Sidney Maskell, 9, I

Cecil Maskell, 10, IV

Theodosia Harpell, 9, IV & V

Minnie Baker, 11, IV

Earnest Faulkner, 13, IV

Sandy Harpell, 10, VII

Enos Harpell, 12, VII

Hugh Harpell, 12, VII

Gladys Meadows, 5, I

Lindsay Maskell, 6, I

Bertha Baker, 5, I

Fred Faulkner, 14. VI

Frank Baker, 15, VIII

Beatrice Harpell, 14, VII

Judson Richardson,8, I

Norman Harpell, 6, I

Leonard Baker, 7, I

Arthur Doyle, 7, I



Vintage Style Costume Coat


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From its beginning to consolidation, all business of the school was in the hands of a local board of three trustees and a secretary. They hired teachers, looked after maintenance, collected taxes, and set a rate for money needed in the section. June 26, 1944 minutes read: ” Moved by Douglas Baker and seconded by Peter Maskell that we take $350.00 off the section for school repairs.” in 1948, $400.00 was allotted for ” running expenses.” The last record of money to be ” taken off the section” was in 1954, when $325.00 was voted.

Excerpts from minutes: ” Moved by Peter Maskell, seconded by John Kent, that we buy 12 cords of slab wood for the next year.” ( 1944-45) Carried.

June 24. 1946: Moved by Gerald Dooks and seconded by Arthur Doyle, that the school be wired for electric lights this year.” Carried.

June 30, 1947: ” The old stove sold to John Baker for $2.00.”

July 26, 1949: ” Moved by William Jonah and seconded by Gerry Faulkner that we authorize the trustees to borrow $2500.00 at the lowest possible rate, at a ten-year plan, for the purpose of adding a room.” Carried.

June 30, 1952: “… a new blackboard to be installed if enough money can be realized.”

“… trustees to do any repairs as far as funds allow.”

Nov. 15, 1954: “Balance on hand $33.69.”

“Moved by Gerald Dooks, seconded by Stuart Williams, that Capt. Fred Faulkner be appointed truant officer.” Carried.

“Trustees to investigate water situation for school.”

July 14, 1957: “$32.00 from election meetings and October election rent sent to Municipal School Board.”

Jan. 8, 1962: “Well completed with pump, although water tested unsatisfactory.”

Jan. 13, 1964: “Oil installed.”

Jan. 28, 1963:  “.. this meeting go on record as favoring the proposed plan whereby the pupils from Primary to Grade V! be accommodated at the present Robert Jamison School. Vote 23 – 3.”

June 13, 1963: Special meeting. Vote 14 – 2 for consolidation.

When Robert Jamison High School opened in 1957, all students above Grade V! were bussed to Oyster Pond. With consolidation, the W. J. school closed in 1964 and Grades Primary to VI went to Head Jeddore, and later to Jeddore – Lakeville School, Oyster Pond.

At each annual school meeting it was regularly voted that “We have school the next ensuing year.”




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Under the leadership of the late John P. Maskell and Rev. Blois Crawford, a West Jeddore Scholarship Fund was established in 1950. Its purpose was “to encourage students to continue higher education after grade 10.” The first three winners were Florence Baker, Shirley Doyle and Max Dooks. This was continued until 1957, when students had a Senior High School to attend. Interest on the money collected was then used for 1st and 2nd place in Grade VI entrance to Robert Jamison High School.

In 1971 the fund was revised and re-named the John P. Maskell Memorial Fund. Prizes were awarded students in Grades 10 – 12 at Eastern Shore District High School according to their standing until June, 1976, when the fund was closed out.

In those 26 years, many students will remember receiving from $2.00 up as their prize money. Today we are grateful to those who shared to make the fund possible.


Since 1940, Junior Red Cross was a part of school life, with a meeting every Friday afternoon. We believe Miss Margaret Bonn was the first teacher to organize Red Cross.

Pupils knit squares for crib quilts, made scrapbooks for the Children’s Hospital, collected articles to make up Happiness kits which we delivered to Immigrant children at the Red Cross Port Nursery in Halifax, learned and practised Health Rules so they would pass ” morning inspection” and earn a star on Health Chart, and exchanged scrapbooks with other countries. Several had penpals in Holland and Australia as a result of the exchange. They sold War Savings Stamps and collected dimes for Walter Callow, all part of Citisenship training.


4-H Club was organized, where the girls sewed and knit, and the boys did woodwork. ‘Buddy’ Blakeney made his Scottie dog lawn ornaments; and Foster Baker’s corner shelves and bird house were examples of the fine work done.


Teachers ( cont’d). 1936 – 1965:


Manetta Aubin

Lois Archibald

Jean Smith

Laura Turner

Viola Johnson

Edna Maxwell

Lena Tupper

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Bonn

Grace Forsythe

Malcolm Beaton

Edna Gavel

Mabel King

Rachael Graves

Mrs. MacNevin

Jeffrey Fraser

Charles Moulton

Golda Gaetz

Mildred Rawding

Susan Bonn

Iva Baker

Pansey Blakeney

Jeannette Dooks

Mrs. Kennedy

Bertha Doyle



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Shortly after World War II, the names of boys who served in the War were collected and inscribed on the Honor Roll that now hangs in the Baptist Church.

Members of West Jeddore School who have volunteered for active service with Canada’s Fighting Forces:


Bonn, William

Bonn, Walter


Blakeney, Olsen

Baker, Raymond


Blakeney, Garth

Blakeney, Brice


Baker, Aubrey

*Baker, Harris L.


Blakeney, Lester

Blakeney, Lyall


Doyle, Edmund


Faulkner, Fred

Faulkner, Ernest


Baker, Otto B. E. M.

Faulkner, Ralph

Faulkner, Charles, Jr.

Faulkner, John, Jr.


Kent, Samuel


Linkletter, Maurice

Maskell, Woodrow


*McGregor, Marven

McGregor, Russell

McGregor, Kenneth


Slaughenwhite, Percy


Williams, Vance

Williams, Elmer





*Made the Supreme Sacrifice


When the schoolhouse became a Community Centre, the first meeting was held April 23, 1966. Officers elected were:

Pres. — Garth Blakeney

Vice-Pres. — Hank Karsten

Sec. – Tr. — Barbara Baker

Board Members — Stirling Baker, Ivan Truen

In 1973 a grant of $4000.00 was received from the government under the ” Little Red Schoolhouse” project for improvements.

Board Members, 1978, are :

Pres. — Jeanette Baker

Sec. – Tr. — Margaret Baker

Committees : Wilbert Baker and Mrs. Klenck


The oldest teacher is Mrs. Sandy Myers ( Cora Harpell)

The oldest resident pupil is Aubrey Baker, son of James and Louise.

The last teacher was Bertha Doyle.

The youngest pupils are Yvonne Baker, Randy Baker, Judy Baker.


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This booklet has been prepared for distribution at the re-union of former teachers and pupils of West Jeddore School at the old schoolhouse on August 27, 1978.

We hope it will serve to revive many memories of schooldays. As it is difficult to find all dates, we ask each reader to add them for him/herself. We suggest the same for omissions and any inaccuracies.

Sincere thanks is extended to all who furnished material from their memories or the written word.

Congratulations to the Committee for their work in organizing the get-together. These former pupils are:

Audrey ( Faulkner) Williams, daughter of Jerry, a trustee 1950 – 53.

Laura Mae ( Baker) Gaetz, grand-daughter of George L. Baker, trustee, 1910.

Geraldine ( Dooks) MacFarlane, a great-grand-daughter of Peter Maskell, Secretary, 1910.

Signed. Grace ( Williams) Forsythe

Great-great-grand-daughter of Luke Harpell I and Lydia Arnold.

Luke signed the first petition, 1838.