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Dolores Prest, four-year-old entertainer, known as Winnipeg’s own Shirley Temple, who, during the past winter season, has frequently volunteered her services for the pleasure of inmates of the Institute for the Blind, at Deer Lodge hospital, for returned soldiers, the Fresh Air Camp fund, the Children’s Home and Knowles Home, with songs, tap dances and impersonations.



Latest Find

Two Sisters From Winnipeg Now Appearing in Hollywood

Hollywood’s latest find is a petite, blue-eyed blonde Winnepeg child, Pattie Ann Prest, who finished her first role in the film capital this week. The daughter of Corp. and Mrs. Rodney Prest, former residents of this city, she arrived in the south a few months ago and was immediately spotted by movie directors.

She has a prominent part in her first picture, Boss of Big Town, which stars John Lite and Florence Rice in the adult leads.

The director of the film was so pleased with her performance, he has signed an option with her for three additional pictures.

Patie’s elder sister, Dolores, is known to Winnipeg audiences, having appeared here at the beacon and at the Cave. Chosen by Major Bowes as an outstanding dancer and singer, she appeared with his troupe twice and was selected as Winnipeg’s Shirley Temple in a contest some years ago.

Mrs. Prest left Winnipeg for her first trip to Hollywood in 1937. At that time Dolores appeared in several movies and won a scholarship at a Los Angeles dancing school.

She was scheduled to take a screen test this week, but broke her wrist while practising at home for an appearance with Bob Crosby’s orchestra.

Corporal Prest is attending officers’ college in England, at present, and expects to receive his commission at Christmas.




Winnipeg Girl Enters movies

Winnipeg, Jan. 11 — (CP) Dolores Prest, curly golden-haired daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Prest, young Winnipeg couple, seems destined for a career in the movies. Dolores is five years of age and at present is working in the new movie, Radio City Revels.

Mrs. Prest, once a toe dancer, is in Hollywood with her daughter. The mother taught the girl the toe dancing at which she is very capable.

When Dolores first went to the movie capital she was given an opportunity of appearing before a crowd of stars in a prominent restaurant. Her career started then, and when the picture she is working in now is completed, Dolores will have two more to make.



Making Her Movie Debut

A news despatch from Winnipeg yesterday told of Dolores Prest, five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Prest, Winnipeg, making her debut in the movie world. The curly golden-haired lass is working in the new picture, Radio City Revels.

The child’s father is a native of Halifax County and is known by man(y) friends here. He was born at Mooseland. Mrs. Samuel Kent, Moran Street, Halifax, is a grandaunt of the child movie star.



Friday April 4 1941

Youthful Entertainers Score Smashing Hit In Sixth Search For Talent Show

Applause for the News-Herald’s sixth ” Search for Talent” show at the Orpheum Theatre Friday night was terrific.

“These people are young, new to the stage; your applause means a lot to them,” said master of ceremonies Alan Young of CKMO, over which station the show was broadcast.

But that was not the reason the audience applauded. Their clapping was a spontaneous tribute to four splendid acts.

The show was opened by Pat Atherton, 15, and Martin Gray, 13, singing “Keep on Hoping” and then Brahm’s “Lullaby.”

Pat sang alto, Martin soprano. Both of them sang like angels, and in the white spot light, looked rather like angels too.

There was no need to ask for applause.

The second act was a vivid contrast. Dolores Prest, eight years old and four feet high, came on like a miniature edition of Betty Grable in the film ” Down Argentina Way.”

She wore a spectacular South American costume of gold and red frills and sang two lilting south American songs, ending with a fast, intricate tap dance.

Irma Lawrence, 17-year-old coloratura soprano, in a youthful evening gown and with flowers in her hair, had the same young charm as Deanna Durbin, as well as a very similar voice.

The final number was given by Leonard Gibson, 13-year-old negro tap dancer.

His dance was ingenious and versatile and, like the three acts preceding it, won applause on its own merits.

Slingsby Norman, whose rich tenor voice won last week’s contest, was presented with a Bulova watch and sang again his winning number, “Lords of the Air.”

But the show, high though its standard, was stolen by Winston, the magnificient pure-bred bulldog presented by CKMO as a prize for the best 20-word reason for subscribing to the Canadian War Services Fund.

To the strains of “There’ll Always Be An England,” Winston came onto the stage a little bashfully, led by an usherette.

His bashfulness was due to his reluctance to leave CKMO’s station manager, Roy Wright, who finally had to come to the microphone with him.

Alan Young asked him to say a few words and Winston responded at the precise moment with three short,engaging barks.

In his exit the usherette was led out by Winston, at a very rapid pace.




Artists From Detroit Come To The Beacon

Three high class acts from the Century theatre, Detroit, and two popular local artists will be seen on the Beacon stage for the week commencing today. The visitors include Zang and Todd, an eccentric comedy duo, offering new items in the way of knockabout fun. Ken Spencer and his doll, “Jerry, is a ventriloquist who has been successful on American vaudeville circuits. Les Fields, singing and dancing master of ceremonies, will handle the stage show.

As the policy at the Beacon theatre is to give local entertainers every possible opportunity, Manager Pacey presents this week Dolores Prest, song and dance artist, and Alex jardine, baritone. Both have made many friends by their clever work in the city and should be heartily welcomed at the Beacon. Bill Moore and the Beacon band will provide new musical numbers.

Screen features today, Monday and Tuesday will be the comedy, ” The Ghost Goes West,” starring Robert Donat and Eugene Pallette, and ” It’s a Great Life,” with Chic Sale and Baby LeRoy.

Gladys Swarthout and Jan Kiepura will be heard in their delightful musical, ” Give Us This Night,” on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The added feature will be ” The Farmer in the Dell.” The Beacon will hold the usual Sunday midnight show.




Professional Vaudeville from Detroit

Zang & Todd, Kenneth Spencer & Jerry, Les Fields, Dolores Prest

Beacon Band, 2 feature Screen Hits




Air Conditioned Beacon

Stage and Screen Show de Luxe

6 All Star Acts

Professional Vaudeville from Detroit

Zang & Todd

Les Fields

Ken Spencer

Alex Johnson

Dolores Prest

Beacon Band

2 Big Screen hits

Robert Donat with Jean Parker in “The Ghost Goes West” Awarded 4 Stars in “Liberty”

Chic Sale – Baby LeRoy “It’s A Great Life”

Adults to 6 P.M. ( Adult) ….. 15c

Sunday Midnight Show Stage and Screen as Above



April 4 1941

Vancouver News-Herald

News-Herald Contest at Orpheum Tonight

Youthful Entertainers Feature Sixth ” Search For Talent” Show

It is a youthful but very talented group that will feature tonight in the News-Herald’s sixth “Search For Talent” show.

At 8:30 p.m. at the Orpheum Theatre and over station CKMO Alan Young, master of ceremonies, will present the first act – 8-year-old Dolores Prest.

In a picturesque gold and red costume this small girl ( she is exactly four feet high) will do an intricate song and tap routine to the music of ” Down Argentine Way.”

Dolores has been singing and dancing since she was a little more than two years old, and the dance she will do tonight is her favorite number.

Two young boys with perfectly matched soprano voices will sing Brahm’s “Lullaby” and ” Keep on Hoping.”

Choir Members

The boys, Pat Atherton, 15, and Martin Gray, 14, are members of the choir at the Cathedral of the Holy Rosary.

They began singing together about six months ago when they were chosen to sing duets because their voices blended so beautifully.

Third act will be a spectacular tap dance by Leonard Gibson, 13-year-old colored boy with an ambition to become a second Bill Robinson.

Len says he has never had a lesson but he has watched a lot of other people tap.

In His Bones

He has been dancing since he was three and believes he has rhythm in his bones.

Irma Lawrence, 17, a youthful soprano with a high, rich clear voice will provide the last act.

She has chosen to sing ” Il Bacchio” and “An Appola.”

Slingsby Norman, dramatic tenor who won last week’s contest will sing again.

Pictures by Jerome’s Studio and Alfred Knight

Stars of this week’s ” Search For Talent” show are (top left) Dolores Prest, eight-year-old rhumba dancer; (top right) Len Gibson, tap-dancer; (bottom left) Irma Lawrence, soprano; (bottom right) Pat Atherton and Martin Gray, soprano duet.



Talent Stars Given Big Hand At Orpheum

Stars of Friday’s ” Search For talent” show ( from left to right) Pat Atherton, Martin Gray, Delores Prest, Irma Lawrence, Len Gibson and ( seated) Winston – English bulldog presented by station CKMO for the War Services Fund contest – who stole the show.




November 14 1950

A. E. Prest

Addington E. Prest, well known resident of Mooseland, Halifax County, died yesterday at Sheet Harbor Hospital. A retired C. N. R. roundhouse foreman, mr. Prest was 81.

Born at Mooslenad, he went to western Canada, during early manhood, where he joined the Canadian National railway. He retired 10 years ago and returned to his birthplace.

Surviving are his wife, Effie, and one son, Roderick, Hollywood, California. Also one sister, mrs. Lorena Kent, 11 Moran Street, Halifax. A granddaughter, miss Patricia Prest, appeared in the motion picture ” Lassie Come Home.”

Funeral Services will be held from his home at Mooseland Thursday, Nov. 16, at 2:30 p.m. Interment will take place in the family lot at Mooseland.


effie macisaac dolores-prest-patty-prest-lassie-born-to-the-saddle-shirley-temple-5

May 18 1951

Mrs. Effie Catherine Prest

Middle Musquodoboit, may 20 — Mrs. Effie Catherine Prest, widow of Addington E. Prest, of Mooseland, Halifax County, died in Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital Friday. She was 73.

She was the former Effie MacIsaac, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James MacIsaac, Moose River Mines.

For a time she lived in the Canadian West but had spent the last several years in Mooseland.

Surviving are a son, Roderick, Hollywood, Calif., and a sister Lena, in California. Her Husband died last November.

A granddaughter, Patsy Prest, took part in the movie ” Lassie Come Home” and another granddaughter, Delores prest, is associated with the movies as a dancer.

The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at the house with the service beginning at 2:30 p.m., ADT. Interment will be in the family lot in Mooseland.


james macisaac dolores-prest-patty-prest-lassie-born-to-the-saddle-shirley-temple-7

James MacIsaac Dies In Winnipeg

After an illness of about three weeks, James MacIsaac died early this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. E. Prest, 10 Einarson avenue, at the age of 89 years. Mr. MacIsaac was a native of Cape Breton, N. S., and came west with his wife in 1914. He is survived  by his widow, two sons, Roderick, of Bladworth, Sask., and James, of San Bernandino, Cal., and three daughters, Mrs. Forshhner, of Homeville Station, N. S.; Mrs. R. T. Prout, of Los Angeles, Cal., and Mrs. A. E. Prest of Winnipeg.


james macisaac dolores-prest-patty-prest-lassie-born-to-the-saddle-shirley-temple-8

James MacIsaac

After suffering from a serious illness for three weeks, James MacIsaac died at 4.30 o’clock this morning at the home of his daughter, 10 Einarson avenue. Mr. MacIsaac, who was a native of Cape breton was in his ninetieth year.