Nov 292015

Rockin’ Ramzi’s Rockabilly and Pin Up Emporium is thrilled to be a part of

The Order’s 1st Anniversary Special Burlesque Show!

Come help us celebrate the evening filled with the old fashioned art of striptease, Gin Martinis and get some of your Christmas shopping done all at the same time. How can this be any more fabulous?!?!

Saturday December 5th 2015

Doors open at 7pm.

56 King Street North Waterloo, Ontario

Buy burlesque tickets online!

Hosted by

Rando Bando

Performances by

Sassy Ray

Mona Sirens

Lilith Lemons

Olive Von Topp

Capitano Goldstar ( Boylesque!!!)

Here are some snaps from previous sold out burlesque shows at The Order. Get your tickets asap!

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